Dam Diligent would like to wager a 100% bet that WHOever bio-chipped him with a nanotech transponder (see pic) is the same crew WHO released the RNA, CO/2/vid wotser name.

As well as directed all those involved to use CO/2 as a distraction from the big issue (as they see it): population control. India in the 70’s gave out free condoms and advice on family planning, then China with its one child policy. Take something away from people and they will want it more. Now in the west we have old persons homes which control the floating ducks with drugs and sap their money back. The bio-chip sensor is the epitome of invasion! Patented by Von…B. What and WHO do they think they are, some kind of God!? Shame on the media for not supporting whistle-blowers and in particular Julian Assage WHO is being crucified quite literally just like the population of the world, right now, shame!

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