The worlds pop should be reduced to 500 mill for sustainability, Masonic Guideline Stones, Georgia, USA. WHO in their right mind would say this?!

Dam Diligent became a stone Mason, he chipped away for years at his own reform. He was Being Rejuvenated and wore a Purple Robe because the green one had died. To celebrate his rocketing carrier amongst his Fello-beings he had used an ancient Fatty-can recipe for a special/sacrificial Christmas pudding kept since Mesopotamian times as recorded on a tiny rolling-pin-seal with blood. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. He was whistling as he mixed, but could not stop salivating in the can. Presently the hot doors of Hell opened and in went the black surprise to cook. When the sky went dark it was ready and out it came with Pomp and Ceremony the first to taste. Pomp promptly died with much ceremony. Dam showed great sorrow and stepped forward to help. Since his robe was unbelievably long he accidentally put his foot fair it middle of the cake and slipped! “Jesus fucking Christ!” resounded in the rafters!

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