Dam woke up, there was somebody at the door. They were dressed in an orange bag with deflated red balloons hanging off it and on their head was a cap with a symbol which resembled a cross with legs in the shape of a square.

Dam being Diligent was ready for this. In fact he had been expecting this for sometime. He raced and found his fine-magnet and assembled it on the front of his strobe-torch. He did not wait, he shone the ray between the eyes of the figure, but much to Dam’s surprise it turned around and Dam could see that it was his neighbour. “May i come in? I have brought some eggs for you?” Dam opened the door and the figure hovered across the floor. “I have come to inform you that the world is overcrowded with bad DNA and the Royal Naval Architects (RNA) are here to help expose the covert operation of geoengineering the population under the guise of global warming. They will install C0/2 into the atmosphere and nobody will be able to trace the elemental-scents.”

“Oh, my dilli-diligence!” Said Dam; i’ve been telling people this for 100 years! But the news people dont want to talk about it!”

“I have brought you these eggs,” said the neighbour. “They are full of Aluminium, Strontium and Barium, cook them with a grain of salt and use your fine-magnet to break them open in the sky…”

Dam woke up, there was a knock on the door, it was somebody from Sensis. They were dressed in an orange bag with deflated red balloons hanging all over it!

“Is your name Dam Diligent?” They asked. “Thank heavens your still alive!” they said. “Your neighbour has given us these eggs to give to you as you are the only person who knows how to cook them.” “Dam!” said Dam.”Too many clouds, no electricity…..” And for the first time in Dam’s life he looked confused. He pressed his forehead and his single eye opened and blazed light

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