Dam decided to go dressed as CO/2 factor, in a large plastic bag which he crawled inside, painted orange and stuck deflated red balloons all over it. He painted his face green

and raised his neck like a tortoise as he asked the taxi-man to hurry. He was to attend a fancy dress party at the United Nations General Assembly. And they had paid him to give a demonstration. He set his hydrolik arm ready to distribute the corpustulate-seeds and his pockets were full of these trained-freebees which answered to radar and returned positive results when they were asked. He arrived three hours early and went in to study the field. Nobody had arrived yet and three hours on still nobody arrived. Presently a very frail little old lady came into the room and said she was the Director General or General Director and generally felt a little ill. She sat down and asked Dam who he was. Dam Diligent replied, “I am the WHO, who has come to rescue you, from yourselves, and i have come to demonstrate a new dance step called..” but he’d forgotten. “Dam radars!” he said under his breath. Suddenly a great noise erupted outside and died as soon as it had began. “Go on!” said the General leaning forward on her seat. Dam began to take in breath with a great roaring sound. The wind became so great all the paperwork in the room went inside him like a big vacuum bag. The General gripped her seat. Suddenly Dam took off like a deflating balloon and made a screeching sound as he flew about the room! Then all the General saw was a very fast arm begin to fling dried blood cells and tiny pieces of paper all over the room in great black sooty clouds. “Bravo!” cried the General standing on her seat. When the commotion died down they both walked arm in arm outside. But on the ground outside lay the corpses of 10 million people all dressed the same as Dam in big orange plastic bags with deflated red balloons stuck all over them. The General looked up at Dam and asked: “Will you dance again tomorrow?”

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