Dam Diligent was once an apiarist who found that mobile-wi-fi-microwaves scrambled bees navigation systems and they died

In the mornings he would eat eggs cooked in a tin with his mobile phone, he used the app “Suck-eggs” and cooked them all night. In the morning he filled his empty mind with poisonous beans which he had to soak, cook, roast, crush and steam before drinking, then throw the rest away. And during the day he listened intently to his mind which was like an empty sea full of wind. They told him to stay away from everybody else because he was infected with CO/2. So he wandered off into the waves above 10,000 feet and flew like a bee to nowhere because he’d forgotten to bring his mind but remembered to bring his mobile. He held it out in front of him as it pulled his arms towards the heavens and out into the stars.

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