Dam Diligent went underground, there were too many people up top. He had told them all they would fry from the corona of the sun

His future was assured to be bright. He would live for a thousand years, and be able to meditate for 40 without losing weight, he was in constant touch with any soul who wanted to share their thoughts. Dam would not get lonely, he would be nourished by the communications of others and even though he lived underground he would never get cold, be able to ‘see’ in the dark and feel the true life blood of the universe. Unbeknown to his programming was the fact that he was buried with due respect but remained alive because they had forgotten to turn all his machines off. Dam had become a cyborg with the DNA of a beetle. He settled down and turned the TV on in his brain to watch the news. Up top some people were still playing cricket, many looked cooked as if from radars, and some were digging holes like him. One thing Dam knew was that for some it was too late as they opposed the vaccine unlike him

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