Rosaling Peterson in her address to the UN said the sky will turn to pea-soup if geoengineering is allowed to continue!

Once Dam Diligent met a lady who said pea-soup was the only cure for her CO/2 disease and she was a vegetarian. Dam who was training at the time to be a hospital chef, looked into her eyes and could see peas rolling around inside.

“Strange” he said. ” I have a special recipe for pea-soup which you may like.”

Days later Dam stood in his tiny cold kitchen in the early morning engineering his special pea-soup recipe for CO/2 disease. Lucy was coming in the afternoon to his house! Dam shivered, perhaps it was the cold or maybe he was excited. He had arranged white tumeric flowers on the table with a white table cloth. He threw some tumeric flowers in the pot on the stove, as well as some of this and that. “This will fix anything,” he said. After sometime he found himself out in the garden looking for more ingredients to add and tried to catch a huge grasshopper which flew straight over his head. Suddenly he smelt his neighbour’s cooking and looked up to see black smoke billowing out of his own house! He raced inside and grabbed the pot with a towel but the pea-soup was black as black. He scraped away some charcoal and found two peas! Dam said dam as he sat down under the heavy black cloud of burnt pea-soup.

The air was hot, the air still and the black cloud would not go away. Lucy was arriving in the afternoon and Dam sat ready at the grey tablecloth with his new pot of pea-soup and looked across at the grey tumeric flowers on the table.

In Lucy walked straight into the black cloud and was immediately struck by the burnt smell.

“What a delicious smell!” She said much to Dam’s surprise. “I must try some of that, it may cure my CO/2 disease!” But Dam said he had thrown it all out! Oh, he remembered he had kept two peas. When she came down out of the cloud she looked quite different. Dam insisted she first try his unburnt soup. But when he took the lid off there were the remains of a huge grasshopper floating on the surface!

“Eek!” she cried. “I can’t eat that!”

“No!” agreed Dam, beginning to feel ill.

“I shall have to have a pea,” she said.

“Yes,” said Dam. “I shall have to have a pea too.”

“Delicious, I feel better already!” said Lucy rolling her eyes.

As soon as she had spoken the black cloud began to disappear. Then Dam, who hadn’t eaten all day, looked up into her black pea eyes and felt himself falling in love.

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