Dam put his new solar panel on the roof, it had cost an arm and a leg, thus he held the rope in his teeth and singlehandedly hopped up the ladder

His roof was high and he peered through the low cloud at his neighbour’s house on the other hill. Over the ensuing weeks the cloud never lifted, there was no rain and the air smelt of rotten aluminium, with a taint of steel or asbestos. Then one day a great hot wind blew up in the middle of the night and suddenly there were the stars. Dam was outside in his hammock observing them when he noticed a long black cloud coming straight over his house. He looked out the back and sure enough it was coming from his neighbours house. Dam gasped, there was that metallic smell again like asbestos! He watched until the cloud came down and stayed all through the next day; again! Fearing the worst he cleaned his windows and wiped the roof and cleaned his gutters and dried the dust to see what had made the clouds. He made a small bead of the grey powder and lit one end. It exploded! Dam stood back amazed, his neighbour was playing with fire and it was stopping Dam’s solar panel from working! The night was hot as he lit another candle. So much cloud but everything was dry! Suddenly it was as though the stars came into the room for the candle began to spit, crackle and fizz. Dam stood back in amazement as a great ball of fire ignited in the middle of the room! It was an apparition! It looked exactly like…

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