Dam woke up, they were busy in Stapylton with their doppler radar again, it was his neighbour with his high altitude helium balloon aerosol vectors

smearing the heavens with left over icing sugar from the gig last night. The noise had kept Dam awake all night. Now the mist was obscuring the sun as the fingers of it spread radio waves from Rainbow Beach in the north to Grafton in the south. Dam yawned, the air was hot and wet. Presently a black ominous looking cloud sprang up from the south and began to push north in under the high altitude mist of the aerosol. He ran inside, should he call the help-line, what could he do? His nostrils squeezed in as the air thickened and rose up through the cold front. Soon the first drop of rain began to fall as he closed all the windows, raised the draw-bridge, made ready the boats, and put on his emergency-exit shoes. All day he waited and nothing happened, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. Strange the air tasted and smelt like metal and not rain at all! Suddenly a little silver fish fell from the sky and landed on the ground in front of him. The neighbour was up to tricks again for on its side was written the words: “Harvard Uni, trial for geoengineering, do not touch or eat, ovid-18. Reply to sender” and then a whole lot of stars and blue stripes like a bar-code. Dam took it inside. Just like yesterday; another free meal

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