Dam knew they were in control, he wondered when they would let him go, but then he realised he was their host, they could not live without him, and it was HE who initiated change

They had wired him up long ago with transponders and sensors which told them how he was feeling. He rolled over, he’d been asleep for 3 light years and his time was drawing close to the star he had a date with. He’d been in cryogenics for three centuries and still his seeds were valuable. He’d tried democracy based on honesty and overthrown the rich folk with emotion for the slaves. So much so that he had been given all their money to distribute amongst the poor; which he did. Now the only money Dam needed was to keep his radar-self alive, and that was beyond him far away on another planet; his job with life was to launch himself to the surface of new planets and seed another race of human beings. Looking back to the Earth he could see the blue speck. It was a tiny ball now united with emotion, the only Reason was transmitted by the radars which never lied. Suddenly he lost transmission and blacked out as he fell into the soft dust of the irrational moon

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