Dam said damn, as he looked up. He knew it was coming, he’d seen the writing in the sky for years, he had 2.5 billion brothers and they would all become as affected as he

Often his leg twitched uncontrollably, at other times it tingled and went numb. But the worst feeling of all reminded him of snake-bite, and that was the feeling of an ever present dark force which could melt bronze like cleaning solution and that was when they were talking to the other nano-tech he’d been growing inside himself using synthetic biology and the professors cook book. He knew his leg had to go, it was a conduit for infidelity, for he felt invaded and insecure, like he’d been bitten by a snake. He had to be sure it was that leg and not the other which they should take so he wrote all over the right one, “Take me away forever!” and “This one not that other one!” Suddenly the dark force was upon him again and he heard them say: “For God’s sake turn that radar down, its spread too far!”

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