Rosaling Peterson in her address to the UN states her concern that geoengineering may be causing climate warming, she references the chems they are using, OMG!

Ding-bats, who in their right mind would hide behind security issues and poison the weather and say they are doing good? Totally off the planet, and its going on under your noses, what are you going to do about it people!? Harvard Uni is about to begin experiments, when we all know they have been doing it for years! Why are you in denial, you think it is too monstrous, well wake up its been happening for 40 yrs and more, your all brain-dead from radar thats the issue, brains are scrambling like eggs, from mobiles and you do nothing!! Another word for climate control is geoengineering, and beyond that is a very confused scientific community who is hiding the above facts, for security reasons. They are so vague they spend lots of money shooting themselves in the fooot!

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