United Nations Rosaling Peterson, spokes person for Agricultural Defence Coalition, expressed concern that up to 50 businesses are geoengineering

She failed to see the connection between the radars, aluminium as a fire accelerant and wi-fi. However geoengineering is now exposed as a major contributor to climate change/global weather modification programs. Indeed the CO2 cover up should put those scientists who follow it in jail. It is criminal what they are doing, and people need to get informed and stop the media from following false information, so many institutions are complicit in this. It is irresponsible for politicians to hide in coal arguments to distract from the real issue which is weather control. Soon we may have to pay for the air we breathe as it already is FULL of carcinogenic substances designed for agendas which will see the wreck of humanity under a chemical sky. Keep playing cricket, football, golf, ping-pong, tennis, your brains and your commonsense is heading for the ultimate goal. It is hard to believe that they are actually getting away with this!

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