geoengineering scientists study a new type of lung which photosynthesises oxygen for breathing, they are changing our atmosphere to guarantee a market

We will have to pay for our air, pay for our medicine to keep the ship afloat. Our entrails will follow us in an electric cart and out kidneys up front in a mobile wheelbarrow. Thus we will go to our computers every day and eat our lost body cells or those which are dying from the ever pulsing wi-fi radar which smashed/opened cell walls to vector their medicines and allowed geoengineered nano-tech to ruffle/split our DNA long before we understood what was happening! The clouds became so heavy we had to wear illuminated gas masks. And many people died from them too as it was found they were used before and were full of RNA from the skies.

But we are new! We are the new millennial beings, with cryogenic testicles and a thousand interplanetory wives. But they are hard to find, let alone see as our wheelbarrow and cart encumber these old physical beings like us however they still use our old natures to inseminate the universe. So we remain here contemplating this scientific experiment called a plant. People used to eat these, amazing!

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