The population of the world (must be ) reduced to 500,000,000 for sustainability, says the Guideline Stones in Georgia, USA

Global Secrets
“The world population (will be) reduced to 500,000,000 for sustainability.” This text is inscribed
in three massive Stone-henge like stones in Georgia, America called the ‘Guideline Stones.’
What a play they are having, what a play!
The biggest issue on the planet is the Alien issue and if you still disbelieve that we are not alone,
look again. Our primate-banking-political system could not handle Nikola Tesla’s inventions going
public just as the Alien issue has rendered such advancements in technology that it is deemed a
security/copyright risk to even let a whisper out. And we all quake in fear when the word Alien is
mentioned ha, ha. Its a crime against humanity that the USA has with-held amazing technology
from us and is using it under our noses which, as they would advise, is the best way to divert any
questions and keep up the ridicule.
The CIA was founded by Eisenhower after the US began ‘turning up the juice’ on their over-thehorizon
lock-on-radars. They found this scrambled UFO navigation systems and over one hundred
were back engineered after they’d crashed out of the sky. The interesting thing was that most of the
craft had similar looking power units which were described as being ‘about the size of a football,’
though all craft were different. Up to seven different civilisations exist in our galaxy! Energy
propulsion is obviously not a climate change issue for them! From these craft they recovered
humanoid remains and some live specimens and, dare I say, human remains. Eisenhower became so
scared, fearing reprisal from above, that he phoned Russia and informed them and they came on
board to help avert the supposed threat from above.
Little did Eisenhower realise at the time that the highly intelligent Aliens were deeply worried
about us and our nuclear fizz and would never attack for we are (one of) their great DNA
repositories, so I believe. Indeed they feared us and our radar. They have been visiting Earth for
many thousands of years. In ancient times as our friends.
Eventually a contract was signed which enabled human DNA to be exchanged for technology.
And suddenly in the history of man we went from the middle-ages to Mars and began to catch up
with Tesla who believed Aliens were trying to contact him. It must be said that Tesla’s grandfather
worked in the Vatican library where many ancient manuscripts are kept and are still being
considered. Now computers decipher through binary code and what we know now would change
the world overnight but in truth they keep it a secret.
Tesla had twelve patents stolen as they were considered security threats by the US Government
and later enhanced to their fullest potential by the military. Many ideas were weaponised such as
high velocity energy beams which are the directed energy lasars of which there are twelve patents
world wide today. Other inventions of Tesla’s included Alternating Electric Current, Radar, Radio,
Telephone, Transmission, Transponders, Microwaves, he worked on the ‘Invisibility Project’ with
Einstein and others. His inventions are now advanced and effective at bringing ETs to their knees.
They constitute some of the hardware behind America’s Space Force which is a machine designed
to continue the surveillance of our visitors as much as our Earthly terrorist neighbours.
Tesla was the worlds most humble inventor and we do not give him enough credit because they
did not approve of the way he insisted his inventions were for the people and would save the planet
from interests hooked on smelly oil. After all his intention was to help industry/people and not kill
them. Consequently he was commissioned to build prototypes which enabled bankers to see, to their
alarm, how cheap this new energy would be, so they sabotaged his work and confined him with
promises, promises, until the day he died. How many others like him has there been?
As a consequence of Tesla’s work the military advanced radar research and with a broader
understanding of the electric universe began to feel all powerful and to this day have kept their
secrets private.
Until one day they woke in a snow storm and found that Russia was sending jet-stream air down
to New York several thousand miles away from where it should have been! With more radar
surveillance they found that Russia was geoengineering the weather. Russia of course could do this
as they were well advanced with geoengineering the ice using black solar soot they called pollution
and then doppler radar (microwave) came along big-time, to warm the ice. Now some seventy years
on they have successfully melted a passage for their ships. The American government is not
alarmed by this and was quick to catch up and began geoengineering for militaristic applications
using different compounds injected by helium balloons and/or aircraft into the stratosphere.
Certainly there was a cold war down on Earth but in space they were the best of mates in their
sandpit of science and still are – as we all should be….ha ha!
The underlying intent of geoengineering is surveillance, security, nanotech medicine for
population control and weather engineering. Our air is globally primed with metallicised nanoparticulates
which coalesce when frequentised/plasmicised/electrified by radar. This allows for
better target imagery, clearer wi-fi/mobile reception. It also opens up the possibility of weather
modifying programs to be undertaken while loosely termed, for distraction (from surveillance)
‘global warming’ and ‘climate change.’
Doppler radar can read your heartbeat behind a wall from 150 klms away. They pulse 450 kwatts,
304 times a second, though the technician will advise that they are on for only a few seconds in the
minute; which is about the same time it takes to be eaten by a shark or struck by lightning.
It is my belief that the gamma-proton radiation of the doppler, which are ON most of the time,
can shatter the water molecule and break the cohesive liaisons between the condensation
particulates which attract water vapour. This may be used intentionally in combination with
localised geoengineering compounds to stop rain from forming and/or falling or the opposite as in
cloud-seeding which of course is legal.
Other over-the-horizon radar have been developed (such as HAARP in Alaska which is now
privately owned) can burn holes in storm-fronts forty kilometres diameter from half way around the
world and create hot drying winds. Advanced doppler beams can now reach 1,250 kilometres,
thanks to Australian technology. Australia has sixty ‘normal’ doppler and America one hundred and
sixty around its border. Project ten giant microwave radars on the same cloud in and array or in
scalar formation and turn up the juice. The ‘cloud’ spreads out over the sky like a bucket of water
splashed on the floor, the metallicised ‘fingers’ become radio antennas. The possibilities are endless.
All the sixty one signatories to the World Meteorological Organisation are playing with their
radars. Why do you think they dispute anthropomorphic climate change? Because they know they
are causing it! Why do you think they will never talk about what they do? Why do you think they
have set up troll-websites to discredit the information which is there for all to find? Geoengineering
will never see the light of discussion in some countries.
Geoengineering and the Alien issue is a slap in the face for democracy. Climate manipulation is
an obvious secret. Most people have seen the lines in the sky all over the globe and watched the
shredded clouds either race across the fast disappearing blue or get smeared across it with long
strands of polluted grey. But that is not all they use radars for, they have many purposes and here I
can only mention some briefly.
Surveillance programs use global positioning technologies and human-imbibed nano-tech to
position a target to an accuracy of three centimetres anywhere on the planet; even quicker if they
have a mobile phone. Radar and wi-fi can communicate with a host of illegal human implants such
as nano-chip bio-sensors which work from static electricity, movement, light-harvesting plant
pigments (solar) and your electricity. These are absorbed through the mucosa and sent to
corresponding polarities within the body to act as, for instance, brain-radios, which transform in the
cochlear nerve to deliver (and receive) messages, or transponders implanted elsewhere which send
info re your DNA to a super computer which then sends messages to other transformed nano-tech
inside us using quorum-sensing which can deliver the right medicine appropriate for your DNA.
Now with cyclones, and general weather mayhem which is heightened by bought-out media trolls
on steroids, ensure that they will play forever their illegal games of distraction re CO2 and threats of
war, and will believe their scientists, for the military still has to run on oil and a country will never
tell you their secrets! If you want to know more about the doppler; boil water in a microwave and
feed it to a pot plant, over time the plant will die.
The amount of power radars use will never come from renewables and its about time we realised
this connection. The armies still run on oil and they will continue to do so for a long time as most
weaponry such as hypersonic drones, bio-warfare, directed energy weaponry and radar technologies
all push oil – for fear was the enemy of Tesla.
Yesterday the Indonesian President addressed the Australian Parliament and said:
“We must continue cooperation on weather modification.”
What more proof do we need to verify that weather engineering is happening? Stop CO2 but
you’ll never stop the radars and weather manipulation.
And the old man Tesla will stay in his box and never come out unless we can uncover those
hidden secrets of energy propulsion which are still being coveted illegally by the USA and other
more pious institutions.

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