Australia’s monsoons come down from Indonesia, their radars can affect our weather, hence today these words from Indo President: we must continue cooperation (with Aus) on weather modification

He said this today in Parliament, a statement which reveals such programs exist. And is our media going to say something about it, KNOW, of course not! The WHO has as much power as a world govt. Not only do they sanction sustainability thru population control they also sanction cooperation on weather control. If Australian media think they understand the geoengineering ‘conspiracy’ then here from a world leader is proof that it is truly occurring. However the ethos behind this is coming from all Nations, why then dont people know about it? WHO is behind this, well may we ask, after all we are a democracy, thats why the people we elect always say they are protecting us, and this is why they inherently disbelieve in global warming and climate change. Take away their radars and you wont have misty skies and hyped up media which is programmed to to terrify us about climate change. If you want to address climate change ask first what radars can do to an atmosphere choked with geoengineering compounds! Turn off your brain-radios, sit up and listen, this is a democracy not a Stalinist State, the media is controlled just like the public; tho the media KNOWS that the long- arm of the WHO has many swords and the most covert, besides the hidden energy generating technologies, is climate AND bio-engineering, this is a real can of WHOrms! Poor Greta Thunberg and our children what would they say if they knew? America has their foot stuck in the geoengineering bucket, yes it is full of doomsday tears….you idiots! Beware one tiny voice is mightier than the sword

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