One side wants peace, the other side wants global warming, the latter bullies the former with fear of war (and weather). These industrialists must be marginalised in their antiquated battlefields of oil to stop gw

The situation will never be an issue. The govts of the world appease the public with lies. We will never stop the radars exploiting our fear, hence we live on a battlefield called Earth. There is a way out: we need to lift the rock off our respective cultures which keeps our clear voices muted, so we may uncover those technologies which the military already possesses in order to give free energy to humans which will both allow us to live without causing any harm to our fellow human being and ensure the economic and natural voracity of ecological systems. This is the ideal most humanoids strive for, and lets not put any religious tag on it, for no one culture is above another. You see the weapons have changed, the whole world has changed, we have matured enough to act without smelly armies which run on antiquated oily machines. Now, bless our cotton socks, we have hypersonic drones, star- wars weaponry such as huge lasar beams, biological weaponry and grandma who has become maliciously programmed by nano-tech and other implants so much so that she vehemently still believes there are no hidden technologies…

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