Salt water batteries were used by the Atlanteans, why haven’t we got them now? Because they were all electrocuted. The pyramids were giant batteries,

granite rocks covered in limestone. Our archaic technology which is the hand-me-downs of the US military, is sick on oil. It is an electric universe and they still throw petrol at us as tho we were children. Hey lets open up Nicola Tesla’s ideas and patents, we should all be safe not cold or wet or burnt out, not hungry or poor or unable to feed ourselves in old age, you give us hospitals to die in and spread disease like flies. You fear our numbers yet you want your heritage to continue. The answer is in simple technologies not rocket science and the promulgation of war. So what about salt water batteries or pyramids? One reason i suppose is that we are not clever enough, we have lost our common sense and replaced it with a bio-synthetic organism which is sensitive to computers.

Our technology needs to take its energy needs from natural batteries

Even the pyramids were giant batteries

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