Water. America and Aust and many other countries are playing with their radars. Micro-wave doppler radar emit 450 kwatts of energy 304 X a second 24/7. The USA has 160 around its border. Why?

When combined in scalar pattern (together) a pulsed cloud mass can be altered especially if it is partially composed of chalf (aluminium) or any number of other Internationally Patented metallic condensation nano-particulates. As micro-wave machines the doppler can heat storm fronts which then rise, thus creating winds or ice. In fact their number of uses besides calibrating moisture is astonishing! Consider what 160 dopplers could do to a weather system! Who controls their use? Its all a big secret. You are not going to stop the radars no matter how many electric cars you have. No matter how many solar panels you install. No matter how green your government. Geoengineering is the big white aluminium elephant in the sky, rolled over and over by the warming winds which the radars have inadvertently (or otherwise) brought to this planet. Australia is a leader in radar technics; of course they will vehemently reject everything i say because you will never stop them playing with their radars.

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