Nicola Tesla invented AC electricity, yet we know so little about his other 12 patents because they were taken by the USA and never given to the public which Tesla had intended

His grandfather worked in the Vatican Library and guided the young Tesla to explore the secret manuscripts/knowledge which is still guarded by religion. George Bush invaded Iraq because they feared Sadam had a star-gate. It was thru these star-gates that great fear enveloped the USA as black forces invaded backwards through these worm-holes and infected the inherent comely nature of humans. Now look at us, technology breeds germs of fear and war. We are still children here on Earth, these inventions are being kept from us illegally and often used against us. No wonder the weather is infected with this covert disease. The secretly electrified atmosphere is frequentised for surveillance and war, the number of radars constantly sweeping the skies has changed our weather possibly forever so long as these secret energies are beamed through our psyche. We must purge ourselves of fear and war, open our technologies to share and create a new Earth we can all enjoy. But they cut our legs from under us and smear our beings with the lie that it is all our fault and we feed this advice to our innocent children while the truth becomes the elephant in the skies.

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