Doppler radar, our weather radars, pulse at 450 kwatts, 304 X a second. They give out gamma-proton radiation called radio-waves. Our skies are clothed in cloud or clear, they geo-engineer a mist of aluminium to block the sun, and hit it hard with doppler radar to increase transmission.

Its going to rain today but it doesn’t. Why? Because the doppler has expanded the density of the cloud so the rain behaves like a frightened chook who wishes to lay an egg and can’t because a great force has shattered its naturalness. Small clouds may increase to form storm fronts and larger clouds, if left alone! But you spoil each tiny cloud, like a child who sticks their finger in the icing.

One can see the dispersal mechanism of the radars when the sky appears to spread out from a point over the horizon, these long fingers of electrified chalf are being heated and pushed to become radio-waves and increase transmission. They are also picking up messages from nano-tech implants which have transformed inside their hosts (us) to transmit information about our DNA. What for? Well may you ask! Check out international patents for micro-chips, micro-sensors. The doppler operators behave like extinct dinosaurs, reptiles, thinking they are clever! There are far more important things a scientist could do rather than fiddle with our genome, alter our DNA and try to control the weather of the world, surely! What kind of poisons are scientists into now? Biological weaponry, microwave energy weaponry, radar and fibers, nanotech and disease. Scientist do you really want us to go the way of the dinosaurs? Isn’t it time we all grew up and respected our neighbour whose head rests the same as ours on this humble Earth! War game pushers the same as a bulldozer pushing drugs, how can you sleep?

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