Directed Energy Weaponry was taken from Nicola Tesla, who do you think has it now? World-wide there are 12 patents for such weapons of mass destruction, they have been trialled recently in Australia, and before that in California, be aware the geoengineering secret using the fire accelerant aluminium continues. Who owns our brains, you or is it a part of their intellectual property?

How long can we continue to be fear-controlled under the radars of falsity, under the radar of those who can be controlled? While the World Health Authority, cloaked in the guise of God, inflicts our political DNA onto those lesser folk who revel in simple love and not the holey scriptures of money and oil. To sustain Space Force these weapons will suck the sustainability from our planet, will leave us with fear under our skin. And the money will role as the viruses continue to flood our skies and skins and block the sun so we may feel cool amongst their artificial clouds of drought, fire, and the single eye. As i said before, radars are WOMD they are being used against us maliciously for population control which is deemed by the authorities as being the greatest threat to humanity. Yes it is an electric universe, it is all our love combined – not shot through with your flagrant worms of God

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