Clothed in an embryonic sack of clouds we communicate with them using quorum sensing. The electricity generated by a cloud communicates with all the living organisms which make up the human being which is itself mainly a bag of water…

The vibration on a psychological level affects political systems. That is to say that a cloud system in disarray is reflected in our society which is also in disarray. The clouds are being transformed internally by the weather radars which pulse at 450 k watts, 304 X a second and read the echo frequency after ‘bouncing’ off the rain. They do this automatically 24/7. Now ask me why we are in drought and suffer global warming while our political systems are rife with a hunger for peace and then war. The answer is that CO2 machines are bought by food growers in hot houses ie it is natural yet it is being used as a distraction to cover the use of the secret weather radars and their flourishing techno offspring which have obvious effects on clouds. Real clouds are rare these days, usually obese with carbon and old drain-pipes. Rest assured it wont bight, and rest assured that it is being tracked and monitored even before you saw it. But if you do happen to see one ‘cloud’ on a humid day, in a blue sky all natural, please one question: If you radar that cloud for say 30 mins does it change shape rather quickly as though a sudden wind is giving it hypertension, stomach cramps, heart disorders, brain problems, or maybe it has the new disease which secrecy brings called global warming?

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