Discontentment at the over-radared radar metallic dust bag in the sky, a natural event? Where were the masks? Hidden in the pacific under a rock. Discontentment for those yrs spent hurling ideas at cultures which traditionally keep, willingly or not, influencing decisions on population control measures such as medicines, bush fires, floods and using radar to geoengineer natural disasters.

There must be plenty of classified information about what the geoengineers have already put up there. Indeed i can find some info when i begin to look…. OMG we are under threat! Hopefully there will be times when the air is saturated enough for their radar/wi-fi connections. And they will go on constructing better machines and snub the fact that a microwaved glass of water when fed to a pot plant, over time will kill it, what does it do to rain when these machines constantly spark through the bags and bags already in the sky at 450 kilowatts of energy, 304 times a second! and do they inhibit the clouds actual ability to rain? If this is the case, or this isn’t the case, just keep watching your feet, and if they suddenly begin to move you’ll know somethings up. But don’t look up!

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