well i have read an awful lot about doppler radars, all technical (geoengineering) prowess, not one word suggesting the microwaves may disrupt rain falling, basically they dont have a clue!?

Microwave drinking water and feed it to a plant it will die – what does that tell you about the radar capabilities? And you drink the line re CO2 with no mention of the effects of radar on anything! Consider that they pulse 450 kwatts, 304 X a second (where do they get all that power from when we, the people, are without power?) Still the radars gleefully work and point to a sustainable lifestyle for those who operate them and the military, no wonder we feel like burnt sheep beneath an artificial sky! RADAR MAY BE DISRUPTING NATURAL WEATHER CYCLES GLOBALLY without our knowing?….no i dont think so, they know what they do and love their artificial clouds!

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