Doppler radar, inadvertent weather control, pulsing 450 K watts of microwave 304 X a second, smashes water molecule, and lowers adhesion=drought

Place anything in their path and it receives this dose of gamma-proton radiation. Has the above been considered at all by the meteorological boffins? If so where is the evidence that the radars are benign? It is my belief, though unproven, that these frequencies expand the cloud by shattering the cohesive-potential of the precipitation particulate and is the main reason they are puffy and frayed around their edges. Microwave ovens use 1,000 watts and can cook food, are the Dopplers cooking the clouds? Are there Dopplers in neighbouring countries and if so what is their reach and can they warm jet-stream airs such as would normally bring monsoon precipitation? You say the Dopplers are on for only a second at a time, and yet you know they are on 24/7. Similarly a shark can take one second to bite but it can kill you. With the present power problems Australia is facing why is it that these Doppler radars can amp up the voltage so easily? 450 KWatts is a lot of energy to go cloud-hunting 24/7! I hear that Australia leads the way with radar research, well good on you, but it may be to the detriment of our country

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