Doppler radar are highly concentrated gamma-proton rays called microwaves, everybody tells me that if you water a plant with irradiated water the plant will die…

Australians like hunting duck, but now we go in for cloud-killing, and quite possibly to our detriment. But with Ossie radar at the forefront of technology who is going to say lets do an experiment and see if the radar are acting adversely on our weather system….do you really think i am that stupid to think they would do such an experiment and/or turn them off, or down?! I must be as brainless as a cloud…head in a cloud…cloud stupid…OK where is the evidence that the Dopplers are benign? Where is the evidence which states that as they pass through a weather system the weather system will then behave normally? Look at the clouds, they are not normal. They are puffy around their edges and frayed. They dont look like they want to rain. And there are so many clouds today all anaemic with solar radiation management underway, but no rain. This is not normal and CO2 does not have this effect on clouds! Everyday i see the clouds are crying out for rain, just like us!

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