The clouds are many but the rain is few, how long will the population refuse to believe the govts of the world are not trying to help?

Do you really believe that all medical research is benign? That the weather radars are only there for the rain? That we are led to war with neighbours because they are construed as being wicked people? That the masses of cloud which often swirls above our heads is not inflicted the same as our blood with elements unnatural to us and the planet? Why wouldn’t the govt want to help with compassion? Isn’t that what govts do, protect the people? After all an MRI scan uses similar imaging technology as doppler radars, so we believe we fix the clouds the same as our cancerous blood, when (if one looks at history the Manhatten Project which came up with WOMD and produced the nuke-bombs, over 100 of which AMerryCar tested) we are led to believe cancer is also formed by radiation. Then it seems logical to assume that we treat the weather with radiation the same as ourselves. Water, we are 86% H2O and we treat the clouds like enemies and dry ourselves to the core. We have always had a problem on this planet and its called dishonesty and its right arm is propaganda. I propose a way out of this and its not called love or peace its called WATER and the aim is to keep it pure otherwise the radars will keep increasing in strength and we know what that means!

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