The Australian govt is backward in the extreme to allow so much money and poisonous smoke to explode in our faces in a controlled attempt to insert fireworks into the weather emergency and our sense of hope!

How dare they show complete disregard for the people who have lost their homes, for the people with respiratory problems, for the people who have fought fires because of the weather emergency. Who in their right mind would sanction ANY fireworks world wide it is like CELEBRATING the climate emergency. The answer is MOST GOVERNMENTS know that the doppler radars and geoengineering are inextricably linked and that we/the people like the sky will survive this addiction to drugs which the governments of the world force into our minds and the complacent skies, and some will never know that the purpose is nefarious population control. Is Australia a democracy or a giant pub? How vain this government is and downright cruel. The two party system of government in most countries needs to be changed, the democratic vote in the future will be obtained not by party politics but by the general public voting online for the politician of their choice. The present system is like two crackers in the sky competing in the mirror for the biggest bang with complete disregard for the farmers, the firemen, the elderly, the sick, the children, and the blue sky which is now so wasted and hung-over with the non-raining garbage from the greatest “science” party the meteorological organisation can throw at the world’s population: geoengineering! Wake up Australia show the world we care, Parliament House is a wast of cement with fire-bunkers of fear festering beneath. We need to change the way we vote and get rid of the party games!

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