My father sculpted the 18 panels of Aboriginal people on the doors of the Mitchell Library in Sydney. In 2018 98% of his work and my mother’s, was destroyed in a factory blaze in Brookvale, NSW In the fire were 10,000 paintings and drawings, 1,000 terracotta sculptures which he had fired himself. He sculpted the dioramas in the Canberra War Memorial out of lead which he cast himself. He got lead poisoning and became reclusive and worked at his art like an angel with no time off. He is lauded as Australia’s secret treasure who never squandered his time and shunned the Art spotlight he so deserved. My mother, Edith Jean Walker wrote with her sister, Betty Maloney, “Designing Australian Bush Gardens” and other books which changed the ethos of the Aust garden and made people realise the Ossie Bush is beautiful. She also lost 9 manuscripts, dozens of amazing pots, portrait heads, bush drawings and paintings and letters from all over the world from wonderful people. On yesterdays prices the collection was worth over 13 mill. None of it was adequately insured. Its value to the State beyond measure.

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