Come clean AMerryCar time to purge yourself, the dems have sutied themselves already, go Trump and Tulsi, you can stop the wars so we can address the climate using the hidden patents

The CIA was set up by Eisenhower to investigate UFOs, and submerged into the deep state after pandoras box was opened. And look at them now, fraught by war, nobody loves them, controlling the Democrats and vice, dismally interrogating the AMerryCan people who are still reeling from the contortions of the geoengineering/chemtrail scourge which exacerbates the innate fear of the CIA burden which divorced itself from human compassion and the natural world in order to hoax the people and feed the Dem’s their own cocktails of poisonous water. The future is in the space of a persons heart, not in war which only streams black assholes, covert and disenfranchised, rabid and monstrous to seek more power. Oil, gas, coal and patent secrets; How dare you!

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