Fire breaks work best if they are sheared down to the asset and up to the forest edge, that way the oxygen doesnt collect on the low ground

Houses burn if they are closed up because the oxygen trapped inside explodes, it is best to open a window on the opposite side to the fire, if one plants mesic species as a buffer such as wattles and thick leaved plants, mulberry, custard apples, figs, red cedar, black sapote, chances are the heat blast will go over them and the fire will become dramatically slowed, open areas collect smoke and oxygen, make a fire bunker out of loose bricks and wet blankets, buy a small oxygen bottle and buy a swimming pool liner, make a pool and 1,000 fire pumps and frighten your friends with your new woolen fire outfit, mask, boots, gloves etc good luck under the gumtrees, and those folk with oil, gas and coal shares…how dare you! Just get rid of them and invest in trees, fire protection and new propulsion systems which have been patented and used by others, see the work of Dr Steven Greer, and expose these patents

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