DDT killed us, nuke radiation is killing us, chems are killing us, and radars are killing the clouds which are too shattered to give normal rain

We are in the doldrums, nobody would ever think that radars are killing clouds, but radars are essential you say! I follow nature to warn me of the storms, and this radar technology is killing bees and therefore humanity. Take an innocent cloud and impact it 24/7 with weather doppler radars which give out gamma proton radiation and it shatters and flees, the cloud becomes irradiated with microwaves and it loses its ability to rain normally, while the radars whip up the winds as they turn up the juice. Children only look to the naturalness of life but we bring them into a dirty world intent on destroying our innocence and the innocence of nature. Microwave radars cause cancer en mass and we will never know the difference without them. Radars are an essential component of war, and we will never know the difference without them, they are essential for wifi reception and geoengineering experiments which are about to become mainstream like a river of death, and we will never know the difference without them. You hope to leave this shattered planet on the beam of a radar, i will remain with my scraps of dying insects

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