are you proud little earth of destroying humanity, of believing in your technological virtues, the scientists like gods who breathe fire down the test tubes of their salvation

who study clouds but do not look at the life force of water, who give out water filters (to save us from their other inventions) which only strip the body of micro-nutrients to leave one feeling as dead as a burnt leaf. Scientists who crawl to govts to ask for money for their chimeric experiments re morgellons, weather engineering, war machine, radars, space force, but you do not fear your own ejection form the natural world. It is you who take us into the doldrums away from the inner-sense of nature, instead you rub money into the wound thinking it will heal, little wonder your planet is starving, the whole orb is splashed with radar radiation and you must be proud of your achievements especially your war machines. Would you trust a scientist who says CO2 is killing us, of course you would, but not one would dare mention the radars

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