Chemtrails are of course taboo, aerosol injections of malleable substances are in, using helium balloons at 40,000 – 60,000 ft. these sulphates and other medicines are patented, their use barely monitored by the World Meteorological Org

consequently when an aircraft went over my head at 5,000 ft and dispersed a chemtrail in India which fogged the sky for the rest of the afternoon and came down the next day, i knew the term ‘contrail’ did not apply. Helium balloons are used over mountainous country to vector in particulates, same as a fisherman uses different baits for different fish, to catch moisture streams and dissipate them or strengthen them re weather, radars are used to enhance spread and frequentise particulates, the games are scientific and covert as the mixes are patented as registered medicines which defines the legals. The money to do this comes from our taxes for the air we breathe like the water we drink in this radar induced drought, is evermore full of expensive dead fish. Hence the controversy over contrails and chemtrails, spurred on by those proud radar-men who fish for clouds every day and believe they are doing good when in fact they may be causing a lot of damage

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