Clouds bloated with nanotech streak across the misty sky, their stomachs are full of geoengineering elements, they move like ballet dancers in extreme disarray, the radars are upon them

24/7 reading their sweat. What hope do they have of rain? What hope do we have so long as we fear ourselves from breathing out and creating more CO2 like cattle who fear slaughter from fellow men. And the clouds pirouette and fall as the fires smoke them to the core. This is an extinction event, you who do not study the beat of the world will never see, those who read the adulterated history, proffered by the Church/the State and those countries who have signed into the World Meteorological Organisation and the WHO, are complicit in spreading false information about these clouds of fallen angels who have been ripped apart from the inside, their entrails exposed, bleeding. You children must understand that CO2 does NOT rip clouds to shreds. There is something more insidious at play here, no rain sparkles on the ground, only the hot flames of the lost world, you are wounded like the clouds from the inside and no amount of technology will stop the devastating cult of the radars

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