when 15 i went to the top of a high mountain in NSW. Dont touch the snow its poisonous, but i wanted to boil the billy! Its a failed cloud-seeding attempt by the govt.

From then until now i have been observing the sky, but now armed with a microscope i have found the sky on and IN my flesh! The fine mist you see is a plume of chems, sulphates, silver iodide, aluminium, barium, strontium (incidentally great for dementia) etc, and some water vapour, all of which is scientists sweat as they churn out more dollars for their sandpit games, while they blast us with their radars and blow us with their hot winds and laugh as they curl up in their own chem-sweat, and think they are the magic of the sky who have the govt on a lead like a carrot on the stick of hope, as they sit around the camp fire boiling snow like garrulous cyclops and stir the soup of our childrens bones and condemn us to their covert geoengineering!

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