weather control thru geoengineering is the giant elephant in the school classroom, you wait, once the children realise geoengineering with radar is causing climate change, end of game!

Al Gore did not relay all the truth, they have been expecting that geo-radar-engineering will change the weather, and once the weather reaches emergency status then they will announce geoengineering as the cure, that is why the Australian govt and the USA refutes climate change, they know they do it for the economy and power, all i want is to open the debate before we are gassed and burnt further, they do not use chemtrails over mountainous country instead they use stratospheric injection using helium balloons, thats why we see high altitude mist or plumes, then radared cumulus clouds fractured and frayed beneath looking like lost children who have forgotten how to rain, scientists are old children still immature and unable to speak out

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