lets look at climate change from the perspective of high tech, high tech came with the advent of lock-on radar back in 1947, when you pump up the juice all sorts of funny fish began to fall from the sky!

so they back engineered all the space craft they shot down and invented computers and went high tech, but they found that they needed to metalicise the atmosphere so they could find more alien craft, invent wifi, wireless, GPS, satellite, target imagery, and try to control crowds through nanotech sensors and radar surveillance which can take your thinking away, so now they can predict the weather and assure farmers that the missile isn’t coming, but they didn’t predict the children who when they find out that climate control is based on the radars which are pointed at the clouds 24/7 by children who fear their own shadow, then the enormity of this engineered culture of emergency will be revealed, but the radars will continue with their climate change until the last tree standing will be a radar decorated to look like a tree, then we shall praise the radars like gods

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