Trapped away in Harvard Uni in A Merry Car is a lovely young, highly motivated Chinese lady who runs an inverted sky in her lab. The intention of this experiment is to be able to avert any danger re climate change, so she is geoengineering at the top.

Come off it guys! You dont need to tell me that all your tanker planes, helium balloons, radar networks, navigation systems, satellite surveillance, mobile reception, target 3D imagery, radio systems for linking with bio-control, and last but not least weather control systems, would be sparking off this one meek person!? Does Harvard ponder the long term ramifications of squirting one’s neighbour with diseases or being accused of doing so? Or for instance gassing other countries by delivering nano-particulates laced with host pathogens vectored in on dried blood cells? Does this ethically conscious organisation ponder that their research may be viewed unfavourably by those countries and people who have suffered already as a result of climate change? It is a fact that these extreme weather events will keep occurring as you say they will? May i suggest the above is too obviously the reason your ethics committee does not want it known that these operations are far larger than this one little lady in a bicycle shop at Harvard pumping out bad smells and getting away with it? Would it not be more pertinent to say that because these programs have been covertly operating for such a long time that climate change has now risen to emergency status in many different countries. So now you have a legitimate and legal reason to continue with these wacky geoengineering experiments to stop the problem you started and need more funding and research in order to thwart the challenge of your weather control gone wrong

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