Harvard uni has intellectual axe to grind, and flouts their ego above the rest of the world by proclaiming that geoengineering is a possible answer to global warming, see

they make an atmosphere in a test tube and forget to add microwave bombardments from the weather radars into the equation, i suggest they sit in the test tube and feel the radars themselves, or better still ask grandma what happens to a cloud if you bake it in a microwave – you get global warming. The radars are the elephants in the room, global warming is caused by microwaving clouds and shattering their internal cohesion properties. To juxtapose geoengineering with CO2 emissions is flawed thinking one is natural the other is opposite Earth and will result in global warming which its radar machines are causing already. How was the microwave oven invented, by sailors cooking their food in front of them. This Harvard crew certainly got a problem, geoengineering wont work without doppler radars, funny that….

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