Geoengineering is the new science of cloud engineering, to understand it one has to study clouds, look at them, see how they become puffy around their edges with indigestion when stationary, see how edges become torn and ragged as they are flung into low orbit by sudden changes in pressure differences (hot or cold) higher above especially after an injection by balloon or other of condensation dispersion particulates which again may be heated, see how sometimes they form a high mist which becomes rippled as it is shunted by the radars and warmed

depending on the chems injected. Around 2012 the white lines were obvious in the sky if you didnt notice them you were stupid, now with the warnings out people are more aware, tho few realise that the govt uses upper atmospheric injection methods rather than the old chemtrail technique. By the way its not CO2 which is doing the damage its geoengineering and the radars which are playing with god, the radars are like fishing rods, their fingers feel the clouds and when they look good up goes another balloon filled with recipes from Aunt Daisies Cookbook and we begin to lose touch with the old weather as it is replaced with the new fancies of the radar-dogs whom the people praise, but the fish have blown away in their wind, farmers go the way of the trees and soil, radar wind no care, no care…damage

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