Political systems are imploding, we are not sheep, we will only be controlled by honesty from here on in, the computer is our right arm and it will find the truth, throw down your childish weapons it is time for change

We can all come together as a world if we embrace the higher technologies which were stolen by the money grabbers, the solution is so simple, those who cannot see will be swept up in this great tide of political change, we must abandon the classroom, the parliamentary building, the house the lawn the garden, we must revere the purity of water and make it the most important goal of all governments that we not waste a drop and ensure that each drop, like each person’s innate desire for honesty, is fulfilled, we must vote these changes through computers only and find out how systems can count the votes independently of human interference, those who do wrong will be treated as having a disability only, for we are all one, every race has an equal say and resources must be shared, thus the word hate should be changed to acceptance, this is the will of water, strong, pure and beyond human foible, for we already have technologies which could change the world overnight, however they are jammed in the repositories of the constipated money grabbers, and all you religious folk come with me and revere the sacred drop of water and help the world change and vote YES!

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