since the genome project of 1995 when NASA mapped the human genome as well as the other life Domains, we have been finding Morgellons host pathogens within us globally

Of course we are deluded by the complexity of these marvellous chimeric inventions, such as worms, e-coli, wolbachia (reproductive parasites from another Domain!) and a multitude of others which are programmed to fire medicines into us if our DNA isn’t up to scratch…forgive the pun! Why? Just for fun folks, they are even patented so if you find one the hospital has to notify the retailer; they wont give you another tail but they may give you a fish-worm or a grasshopper leg, or perhaps the eye of a frog which has been signalled by the new, number 47, chromosome as being OK so it wont spark the histamine reaction too much, and the similarly engineered micro-chip clouds of sensors are free! Don’t worry you’ve already got yours….see you back in the test tube…

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