Mr Alboneasy in Aust talks to reign in dishonesty from FB, when he/they lie about geoengineering the planet for Agenda 21 purposes, FaceBook needs to reveal the truth to them and the world, then i guess they still wouldn’t listen

One of the major components in our skies as a result of geoengineering is Aluminium, which is a fire accelerant, the governments of the world continue to enhance this smokescreen against global warming, they are way off track and need to test their drinking water, Alminium , Strontium, and Barium, they still use silver iodide but only rarely as it kills fish and possibly coral polyps, all of the above coupled with radar used to confuse whale navigation , that was until they got their mix right and turned down the frequency, thats why whales arn’t beaching so much….you didn’t know that did you…..

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