Water is a living food, it is our being, point your radars at it to monitor the weather and incoming ballistic missiles and your country goes dry, and you dry and die

microwaving the sky 24/7 is not a good idea, you cook the rain and the clouds become strangers in your sky, while we are taught to live with a tear, you like your country are dried with fear…dont look at the soil, look at the clouds, thats where the rain comes from, look at them, they are still and full of whatever, like dead vaccinated sheep, dark grey, or they are shredded like grey rags and flung across the sky, as though fleeing the radar, or perhaps high up beach-like ripples by radar, then disappear at night, or dense covering of heavy vapour as though with indigestion unable to release their water, their water is poison to them, these are not clouds….and they are not machines, they are or used to be our nourishment but now, what are they??

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