Now the ground is saturated with the geoengineering substances they are using for their cloud-seeding-radar controlled programs. Strontioum, Barium and Aluminium, three compounds injected in nano-form are altering weather patterns and our natural brains

Aluminium is a natural fire accelerant employed inside every modern bomb, it makes ferocious bush fires as well, Barium illuminates the gamma-proton waves in MRI machines as in cancer treatment, it becomes fused with strontium in the air and aluminium which plasmisises the upper atmosphere for easier, better surveillance, and wifi and (maybe if lucky) precipitates condensation; add other mixtures and one risks atmospheric indigestion, or a vaccinated atmosphere which either revolts or gets severe (weather changing) hiccups, cramps, diabetes, spasms, cyclones turning right angles and remaining over built up areas, fires which burn along proposed rail routs, people are like sheep who take their illnesses to horse-piddles as they listen to new this and that to cure stomach and/or eating disorders, this is the politics of bad air.

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