Natural systems mimic politics in that in order to change a system one must employ a “mimic strategy” in order to alter it slowly. This approach works in politics and in natural bush areas. The Bradley sisters discovered three principles which if applied to political systems, same as in bush regeneration, works well.

These three principles are as follows: 1/ Work From the Good Bush Out (first understand the system then initiate change from the inside). 2/ Let Regeneration Dictate the Rate of Weed Removal (let the time it takes to see the seeds of change dictate the rate or initiation of further change) 3/ Minimal Disturbance (if one rips weeds out willy-nilly other weeds will sprout in the disturbed soil (politically this mimics a progression to change which happens slowly with reference to the preceding principles, otherwise the initiative may be termed ‘revolution’ or a ‘coup’ or even worse! Movements for change often revert to aggressive tactics like elephants feeding. Elephants know if they followed the three principles above the old political systems would exterminate their race as the weeds would soon disappear ie their food source would become extinct along with the Elephants. Hence the old system continues to dominate and the old school survives politically and reverts to fear and aggression as a means of stabilising its control. This is political history, is based on Reason and more recently science, yet nobody listens to the indigenous peoples of Australia who unwittingly employed the Bradley Principles as their natural ethos for over 60,000 years! For instance if one looks at the science behind 9/11 you will see that you are being controlled by unthinking Elephants who continue to their rule their weeds.

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