Bush regeneration does not have to be taught in institutions at great expense, work from the good bush out, minimal disturbance, and clear at the rate of regeneration, is all you need to know

Back in 1978 it was formalised by TAFE and many greedy people took it and plagiarised Joan Bradley’s notes, they universally refused to adhere to the basic principles which were designed to promote diversity and efficacy over a large area, consequently our ecological restorative works are heavy handed, time controlled for the rapid expenditure of good monies. This is leaving an exhausted, controlled brain-set as we believe there is no other way. And to this day no comparative trials have been done. Bush Regeneration should be taught in secondary schools and the profoundly simple principles above recognised and adhered to. To date many band-aid patches are waiting to be recolonised by invasive species and are sapping good intentions, good money, while the real source of the infestation is allowed to escape and do damage on a grander scale elsewhere.

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