This is Aus 9/11, they control the weather with radars, it is so obvious, radar can bend jetstreams, and dissipate storms, this is intentional, its all about control, they still sell oil/ gas/ coal, crazy madness

they have been doing this for 70 years, they know what they are doing, the media has been bought, and agenda 21 passed, 1,234 scientists all believe toooo many people on planet earth and they need to come out of the bush to the city where they can be controlled, they try to divide green from red from black, its all about control, this is an extinction event coming from within, nobody listens to the facts, your all running around like ants, OUR NATION IS DIVIDED WHEN IT SHOULD BE UNITED, turn the radars off for a month and see!!

turn you radars off guys your shattering the clouds

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